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jeremia 23 November 2006 11:26 am

[xmms-musepack] decodeStream is unable to open http://...

I got a problem playing mpc files via http.
Background: I wrote a web application to have access to my music at work. Everything works flawlessly
- with Windows (i.e. WinAmp)
- with Linux (i.e. Amarok)

but when xmms with musepack-plugin is told to play an mpc file via .m3u file, it says:

[xmms-musepack] decodeStream is unable to open
Local playback of mpc files works fine with xmms.

What I've tried so far:
Setting mimetype in apache (audio/x-musepack mpc) - no difference
Downgrading to older versions
Googling, googling, googling

An example m3u looks like this:

#EXTINF:145, example song

My System:
Debian testing
xmms 1:1.2.10+20061101-1 (older versions don't work as well)
xmms-musepack 1.2.1-0rarewares1 (older versions don't work as well)

I just don't get it - every other player i tried works, but as i want to use xmms-crossfader amarok is no alternative for me.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thnx, jeremia

xmixahlx 23 November 2006 06:37 pm

i've not tried to do that with xmms, but the CLI decoder, mppdec, is able to play http streams.

install musepack-decoder from rarewares/debian and execute 'mppdec'


jeremia 24 November 2006 09:28 am

Thanx for answering, xmixahlx,

as I've written above, it is not a problem of playing it back at all - amarok for example has no problem doing that. It seems to be a specific problem with the xmms-musepack plugin.

Xmms-musepack's latest version at rarewares is only two weeks old and - correct me if i'm wrong - compiled by you personally!? Do you think recompiling would help? I'm not really into compiling source code myself. but as xmms-musepack has a dependency on libmpcdec3 i thought that xmms-musepack uses the same routines as mppdec!?

- mppdec does not help me as only some of my files are mpc files - most of them are of course mp3 - therefore the player used has to be able to play back both.

- xmms is the only linux player (i know of) that supports crossfading between tracks (amarok crossfading never worked for me and is not as configurable as xmms-crossfade).

thanx for thinking again about my problem,


jeremia 24 November 2006 11:44 am


I have just managed to install WinAmp using Wine. Best alternative i could think of - and i'm happy at last: crossfading works, compressors work...

Thanx anyway,

Seed 24 November 2006 03:32 pm

You should really try foobar2000. It's programmed by people who know
how to write proper apps. The latest beta will allow you to seek quickly in
all MPC files -

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