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Lie Algebra 22 May 2007 09:44 am

Ripping/tagging/encoding script for FreeBSD and even other Unices...

Using FreeBSD for a year, I have been looking for a ripping tool that could extract audio tracks, retrieve cddb info and encode the resulting wav files into mpc format. This script intends to do so and has been designed (originaly for FreeBSD) in a conservative way, using the historical bourne shell. Indeed, it should not be a problem to have it working under other Unices and/or GNU\Linux distros.

At the time of writing, all required dependencies (cdparanoia, cd-discid, and libcddb which may already be in the base system) can be installed via the ports (BSD specific), except mppenc v1.16 which brings unicode support, the latest version available in the port tree being 1.15. To perform the former upgrade, which will install mppenc in its default location (/usr/local/bin/), I did the following:

- remove mppenc v1.15 if present
- install the cross-platform make cmake 2.6.1_1 (/usr/ports/devel/cmake)
- get the latest mppenc source here
- extract the source
- run 'cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:=/usr/local'
- run 'make'
- run 'make install' (as root)

Once this is done, grab the whole archive code, extract it, cd into it and run 'make install' as a normal user. This will create a ~/bin directory ( in which cd2mpc will be located) to add to $PATH, a ~/libs4shell directory which holds two general purpose shell libraries (a logger and an option parser) and at last a script configuration file, namely ~/.cd2mpcrc, in which you can adjust a bunch of parameters.

Type cd2mpc -h or cd2mpc --help for help.

Shy 22 May 2007 11:40 am

Hi Lie Algebra. Thanks for sharing this script.

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