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kubi 16 September 2007 09:42 am

what do i do with the file i downloaded for replaygain?
i am here because i want replaygain support for mpc files in amarok. i require the replaygain package which can be downloaded here for the replaygain script to work with mpc files in amarok.

i download the file, and now what? its just a file called replaygain with no extension? i tried to install it through synaptic it doesnt work?

what do i do with this file?

i use ubuntu 7.04 and amarok 1.4

xmixahlx 16 September 2007 06:52 pm

you downloaded the replaygain binary?

if so you need to put it in your /usr/local/bin directory (or /usr/bin)

lemoutonvert 24 February 2008 08:31 pm

Thank you both for asking and answer,

I do have complementary questions for you.

I'm currently running a 64bit Ubuntu installation.

What about this replaygain binary? Isn't it 32bit stuff?
Shouldn't I compile it from source?

If so, were am I supposed to find the source (and compilation instructions as I'm not an eagle's eye shell scriptor...)? :D

Forgive me if I didn't google it well enough!


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