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peets 30 December 2007 07:53 pm

alsa support?

I don't know much about sound on computers.

From reading a bit of source, it seems sound on linux is managed through either oss or esd. ALSA is a kernel-level sound component; it would be nice to have support for it.

Is this an easy/possible task?

xmixahlx 31 December 2007 04:47 am

well oss is deprecated by alsa. and esd is just a sound daemon used by gnome (and you missed artsd used by kde). a sound daemon is kinda like a traffic cop for the sound system.

the musepack development team wrote and maintains "libmpcdec" which is a library decoder for the musepack format. a sound program (player) or even the sound system itself (gstreamer) would have support for musepack as they utilize the library decoder (libmpcdec) currently on the system.

the short version is "already covered" ;)

what makes you ask?


peets 25 April 2008 03:08 am

Oh thanks. My question was dumb. I found this: I might take a look at libmpcdec.

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