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BigBertrand 12 March 2009 07:01 pm

foobar2000 ReplayGain and SV8

I have a silent track, encoded in streamversion 7 (mppenc 1.16). With latest Musepack 1.30 release, I converted it to streamversion 8.
On this new file, I can't apply replaygain using foobar2000, it displays an error message "Could not update tags (Overflow)".

both files can be downloaded here (mirror)

thank you for your consideration,

Shy 13 March 2009 12:14 am

Hi. Thanks for the report. It's already fixed in foobar2000, the next public version will solve it. It will also be fixed in mpcgain.

Antonski 24 March 2009 11:46 pm

Hi guys,

Can I ask you for some clarification?
When foobar2000 scans mpc files, RG values are stored in (APE) tags and not in RG packet, correct?
If this is the case and if some mpc sv8 file already has raplaygain values stored in RG packet, what will happen if I try to apply foobar2000 replaygain?
I've tried the other way round: applied replaygain by foobar2000 to an album and then run mpcgain on them. as a result 2 out of 9 files became unplayable,

Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported format or corrupted file):
Then I've tried to "Remove ReplayGain Info from Files" option and I've got:

Could not update tags (Unsupported format or corrupted file) on:

Antonski 25 March 2009 01:15 am

The problem has nothing to do with foobar2000.
I've repeated the experiment few times and the result is the same. Two of nine files always become broken after applying replaygain with mpcgain. This happens only with --standard preset (-q 5). With --extreme there is no problem with mpcgain.
The problem is present with both last versions of mpcgain - the original one from 26 Feb. ant the one from build 439.
There is another problem with official build, it doesn't accept wildcards, so I had to supply a list with all files in order to be evaluated as one album :(

Seed 31 March 2009 10:50 am

A fixed GCC-built mpcgain 0.9.2 (Built Mar 31 2009 12:36:09) is here

A new official package will include fixed binaries plus the original encoder
and utilities

Seed 31 March 2009 11:31 am

A newer binary - MPCGain 0.9.3

Antonski 01 April 2009 06:34 am

Thanks man, it works fine now.

BTW, this is important fix, so maybe the official download package should be updated as well?


Shy 02 April 2009 09:23 pm

Yes. Updated. Thanks for the samples.

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