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DaveHemm 07 July 2009 07:41 pm

Cowon S9 32GB
I have been using musepack from back when the extension was mp+, so quite a few years. For the last several years i have been ripping my music to both flac and mpc, flac for streaming around my house to various stereos, and mpc with the future view for when i got a portable player.
I have been holding off for various reasons, but since i had some money burning a hole in my pocket i picked the cowon S9 without fully checking for mpc support - several previous versions have had mpc support so i assumed support.
Now i find that this lovely little player doesn't have mpc in its format lineup, i really don't want to go over to ogg and although i could use flac for day to day playing 32GB really gets eaten up really quickly.
So i guess my question is, is there anyway to get mpc to play on the S9 as is, or do i have to wait until it gets support via rockbox or for cowon to see the error of its ways and add support via a new firmware ?


Shy 08 July 2009 08:17 am

Hi Dave.
Are you sure it used to support the format? I just see no mention of it in their firmware update hisotry or the player's tech specs page. If it could be found on some official page, maybe you would be able to return the player to the store on the ground that you were lead to believe something false by the manufacturer.
Or, maybe by previous versions you mean other models. In which case that's really too bad. Still, maybe you could return it and get a different model. Worth checking that option first.

DaveHemm 08 July 2009 10:10 pm


Sorry bad wording on my part, i meant to say that several previous cowon *players* have had musepack support and *i* assumed that newer players i.e. the S9 would also have support :)

I don't want to send back, it is a gorgeous little player, i can live with swapping over albums daily in flac, and taking ogg tracks on holidays but id love to be able to get native support as i already have most of my 2500+ cd collection in flac and mpc already.

I think ill write to cowon and ask them nicely for support of the best lossy codec on their nice new shiny player, ill feedback if i hear anything.

Shy 09 July 2009 02:30 am

Yep, there's no better way to get support than write to the company. Although existing players rarely get added support of formats other than the ones they came with, there's a chance, and anyway it may affect future product decisions.

Kamen 10 July 2009 11:26 am

Also, when writing to them try to show your appreciation for their products and how even bigger it would be if they support this high-quality format, which would also give them advantage to those who don't support MPC.

I personally use MPC for everything. I don't see any need to waste my HDD space with FLAC or other loseless files for saving information that cannot be heard.

DaveHemm 22 July 2009 04:47 pm

Dear xxxxx

Thank you for using COWON S9.

I am sorry to tell you that we don't have a plan to support .mpc files. But we will remind you as our future opportunities.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask us again.
Thanks again for using the customer support at



ah well :(

Eyeballs 01 April 2010 05:53 am

Roll on Rockbox for the S9 then:cool:

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