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Mig21 20 August 2009 08:32 am

Output format of the encoder

I'm adding Musepack support to Asunder, it will run mpcenc giving it some parameters and parse its output (same as for the other encoders). Can I rely on that the format of the outpput from mpcenc will not change?

Also, will you suggest a default quality setting?


r2d 26 August 2009 08:48 pm

I don't think we changed the progress information format when moving from mppenc to mpcenc, so there is very little chance that it will change. I don't see a reason for it. But the program name, version information, ... may change.

If you don't select any quality setting, mpcenc will use the --standard profile as default. You may use this one as well.

Mig21 26 August 2009 10:00 pm

Ok, thanks!

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