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coltrane99 22 March 2010 10:37 pm

SV8 version, EAC, APE tags : weird characters.(russian like)
hi everybody,

I use mpc for a long time and I love it, but I have a problem with the SV8 version ("stable 1.30")

I use mpcenc.exe (the mpc encoder) with Exact audio copy (the cd ripper) on windows XP.

With the SV7 version (beta 1.16) I use to encode my MPCs with "APE v2 tags" instead of "ID3 tags". For that, I use mpcenct.exe (this file must be in the same folder along with mpcenc.exe) that make APE v2 tags working with MPCs.

Now with the SV8 version i have odd characters on my tags : one of those : " " in the title make "russian-cyrilic-like-characters" on the tag.

I can't find any answer. I use foobar2000 (so maybe it comes from it) but with MP3tag (a massive tag renamer that works -despite of his name- with APE tags ) it's the same.

This is the only way to see those weird characters, it never comes with another software or with windows Xp.

Does anybody have any ideas?

thanks for your help !

ps: sorry for my poor english ! (I"m french)

Antonski 23 March 2010 08:47 am

How do your tags looks like in the EAC window, do they contain any unicode characters? Maybe the problem is that EAC add tags in console (mpcenc is a console application, anyway) so maybe the unicode detection does not work well?
You can try to add --unicode to your command line (Compression Options -> External Compression -> Additional command-line options):

  --unicode        Toggle unicode input from console on/off if autodetection
                  doesn't work. This switch MUST be before any tag switch.

Antonski 23 March 2010 09:20 am

I've just tried ripping a french CD (Francis Cabrel).
It appeared, that EAC just don't obtain the track inf correctly from the cddb source.
Then I tried to rip the same CD with MusicBee and (guess) - no problem with characters.
So, I (you) have to choises:
1. Use EAC and then repair the broken tags (or replace the track info manually in the EAC window before ripping). I would use this for damaged/scratched CDs that cannot be ripped fine otherwise.
2. Use MusicBee, which also have a secure ripping mode with AcurateRip verification.
3. Maybe something else :)

coltrane99 23 March 2010 01:41 pm


thank you for these fast answers.


How do your tags looks like in the EAC window, do they contain any unicode characters?
Actually everything look great in EAC. the problem occurs after the encoding, when I read the mpc with Foobar2000.


You can try to add --unicode to your command line
I tried : with "--unicode" the buggy tag is replaced by nothing. There is no tag. The other tags (without accents..) are OK.

Before, I fix the buggy tags with foobar2000 but it's often too long nd boring.

I'll try musicbee and tell you soon if the problem has gone.

coltrane99 23 March 2010 08:37 pm

hey guys

i tried musicbee: it's a great software !!

everything work perfectly !!

I use foobar2000 for years, but I think i'm gonna swap to musicbee !

so thanks antonsky for your help!

Antonski 24 March 2010 02:24 am

You are welcome :)
I know how you feel after trying MusicBee, believe me :)

BTW, this is the only player/organizer supporting the new SV8 chapters (except Foobar2000, of course, but FB would mess up the track and chapter numbers).

Good luck.

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