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Eyeballs 01 April 2010 08:17 am

Listening tests
As Im new to Musepak I was wonering after reading that it has been mainly optimised for muse at 170kb if anyone on here has done any comparison tests with other bit rates?
I downloaded a few other types of formats and tried them out on my Iaudio X5 with a pair of klipsch x5 headphones and used the bit rate 128k.And for the life of me I couldnt tell any difference between mpc at 128k and other formats with much higher rate.I was very suprised and delighted to be honest .Unless Im going deaf in my old age.
Has musepak been optimised for 128k or is it just that good anyway?:p
One last question please ,how does it compare with battery useage with other formats?
Thank you.
Last night at work I encoded 15 gb worth of music .Busy night at work .LOL

Buschel 01 April 2010 09:42 am

Musepack was not optimized for target bitrates, but it was tuned for reaching stable quality. Different quality settings will result in different bitrates. Typical bitrates for transparency for trained ears (=no difference to original audible) might by in the range from 170-220 kbps.

In general musepack is one of the fastest decoding lossy formats, and therefore one of the most efficient regarding CPU/battery usage. Nevertheless in real life this depends on your target, firmware and the codec implementation.

Antonski 01 April 2010 09:23 pm

Yes, if you need a constant quality, just use the same --quality (or preset) which produce transparent files for you. I feel pretty comfortable with --quality 5.5. Recently I was a bit surprised when I recoded In Rock (Deep Purple) with SV8 and I got bitrates between 136 and 179 kbps. No problems with quality, though. However, some newer albums (dynamically compressed) are typically encoded at about 200 - 220 kbps. And the latest albums of Dream Theater goes to 230 - 270 kbps with the same encoding settings!
So, it depends a lot of music content. But anyway,even if there are some artifacts at lower bitrates (no lower that 128 kbps anyway), they wouldn't be as annoying as mp3 artifacts.
Enjoy the music ;)

Eyeballs 02 April 2010 04:45 am

What software are you using to encode your music?
At the moment Im using Foobar are there any better ?
Thanks :D

B7k 02 April 2010 06:10 am

Foobar 2000 @Q5 works for all my rips you could try exact audo copy (EAC) or dbpoweramp but foobar2000 is the best option in my own opinion.

VoivoD 08 April 2010 11:21 pm

Foobar doesnt have error correction. Im archiving cds with eac, and if I need an additional copy in other format i use then foobar2000 + 64bit(if possible) encoders ^^.

Antonski 09 April 2010 10:58 am


Originally Posted by Eyeballs (Post 2480)
What software are you using to encode your music?
At the moment Im using Foobar are there any better ?
Thanks :D

Encoding is usually done by command line tools (backend), mpcenc.exe in this case. So, the quality of encoded music would be the same if the same parameters were used. So, for encoding you can use the GUI frontend, which is more comfortable for you, why not Foobar?

There is a (kind of) consensus that Foobar2000 is the most reliable (as audio quality) audio player. It is fast and it will do almost everything you can think of. Moreover, it was the first player with native Musepack support. I use it as a reference player.
It is not easy for configuration though, and the default user interface is not what everybody would like.

There is a (kind of) consensus that EAC is the best secure CD ripper, especially if there is no AccurateRip match for the ripped CD. However, it is a killer for your drive (in secure mode). So, if not necessary, secure mode is not recommended, if you want to use your drive longer. That's why it is better to try first burst or fast mode with AccurateRip verification and if the rip is OK, there is no need to go to secure mode. I use it as a reference ripper.

However, if you need a powerful, yet fast and feature rich audio player (and library organizer), I would suggest trying MusicBee. It has a nice user interface (some say iTunes like, I don't know), but still as fast as FB (no matter how big the library is), with almost the same features, it has a secure rip mode with AccurateRip verification, and it has a rapid development! The latest (beta) release can be downloaded from here, it is weekly updated and always full with nice surprises.

Just my 2 ct.

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