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sramov 17 April 2010 10:45 am

Slackware Linux Build Scripts (SBo) for Musepack SV8
I've written Slackware build scripts which you can use to get Musepack SV8 natively compiled for your system and architecture. Not to mention the benefits native Slackware packages bring (easy installation, removal, tracking etc).

I've submitted them to but it can take quite a while for scripts to get approved so I am announcing it here for immediate benefit.

You can find them here: Enjoy!

Shy 17 April 2010 10:47 pm

Very nice, thanks.

sramov 22 April 2010 09:25 pm

I am happy to announce that complete collection of SV8 Musepack tools and libraries (libcuefile, libreplaygain and musepack-tools) is now officially part of, which is also a preferred place to get them.

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