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dev 27 March 2014 11:56 pm

Small but important ;>

Neither rockbox nor poweramp on android can see tracks (chapters) in album file, it's my prefered way to keep files on pc, there is too much to re encode...
dev's i beg You, can You make a simple app with input file and output directory and "prossed" button, nothing more.

Just to split file to tracks with tags in them.

It would be a life changer.

Antonski 28 March 2014 06:57 am

Some time ago I asked the Poweramp support for chapters support, but the answer was something like "If you buy the player, maybe we will consider this somewhere in the future".
So, I didn't buy the player.
Maybe if more more people are asking...

dev 28 March 2014 04:25 pm

How thoughtful of them :(

dev 28 March 2014 08:31 pm

DeaDBeeF Player Pro v1.21 suports mpc with working chapters if somebody

v1.20 crashes


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