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Valvola 23 June 2006 09:45 pm

CDEX and MPC files
:( I have installed the decoder on Cdex (Winamp plugin) and player inside Cdex plays well with mpc file but if I convert from mpc to mp3 (Lime at ex or WMA) the process starts and ends the player (ex Winamp or W. media p.) open file but file does not play.
I have find no solution untill now! Please help me I'd like tu use Cdex with mpc to convert file to use on my private Mp3 portable player

Shy 24 June 2006 11:19 am

Any program that uses Winamp plugins except Winamp is not a program you can rely on to do things right.
Use a proper program to convert audio files, such as foobar2000, Frontah, GX::Transcoder. Refer to our program overview page for frontends and taggers.

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