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mersusz 07 July 2005 01:21 pm

Sound Forge vs. mpc
Hi all
I'm newbie about Musepack files, and I always use Sound Forge to edit my music files (wave, mp3, ogg). Someone knows a plugin or another version to work on .mpc files. I have a lot of full albuns and I would like to split them (the albums don't have cue sheet).



Shy 07 July 2005 02:08 pm

Why would you have a full album in the form of one mpc file and without an accompanying cue sheet? I can guess, and also point you to Term of Service #3
Re-encoding an MPC file (or any lossy audio file for that matter) results in loss of quality and is definitely not recommended.
Since audio editors don't work on lossy data anyway, and simply decode it first, you could decode the MPC file to WAV using mppdec or MPC Batch Encoder or another frontend and load that.

mersusz 08 July 2005 07:26 pm

Thanks for your help.
By the way, the files are available only to 'educational purpose', of course...



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