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@muse 05 August 2004 11:29 am

RG to MPC.

I am not sure if this issue would break the "TOS" in any way,
but here it goes. I use to ReplayGain all my Wav`s before encoding,
(instead of using mppenc+RG.). Beside the obvious effect this have,
it also would give a file, (after decoding) that do not need additional
leveling. MPC is the lossy format that apparently gives the most identical
output, from innput. So i wonder if this "strategy" is documented
somewhere, thus taking a track, encode with ReplayGain versus
the same source WaveGained before encoding. seem to have a few %
off in amplitude. After decoding, those % are still below what`s a"safe"


Shy 06 August 2004 11:48 am

Yes, ReplayGain can be used in the way you mentioned. If that's what you wish to do, which is encode a track that's not identical to the original, since as you said, the amplitude is changed, the content itself changes. But usually, this isn't ReplayGain's purpose. ReplayGain is usually used to control the volume level of the track during playback. A benefit of this is that the content that you encode is similar to the original, yet the level can be controled in two ways, using album gain or track gain. When encoding the way you mentioned, you don't get the benefit of being able to choose between the two methods.
I hope this helps :).

@muse 07 August 2004 11:35 am


yes, i prefer to gain them before encoding,
so i get it done once and for all. I can not imagine there would be
any "damage" done, i assume ReplayGain MPC and Wavegain is
equal in the way they work. there is a noticeable diffrence in peak value,
and overall amplitude, when you decode though.
If you gain them before, enc/dec. there values still are within what`s safe,
but if you use MPC+RG, then after decode is still needing "levelling"
to be within range. There is one more reasons i do this, for give the
encoder best possible work conditions.

One more thing, (slightly off Toppic)
are there any known difference between WaveGain, ReplayGain (MPC)
Mp3Gain and VorbisGain. It is been awile since i tested
Wave/mp3-Gain, and there was some x.xx% difference between those to
in values in compressed form and after decode.


Shy 07 August 2004 12:59 pm

If you want to discuss differences between different implementations of ReplayGain please start a new topic, this discussion is indeed off-topic and doesn't belong to this topic. Thanks.

Volcano 08 August 2004 09:01 am


Could you explain this, please:

If you gain them before, enc/dec. there values still are within what`s safe, but if you use MPC+RG, then after decode is still needing "levelling" to be within range.
What do you consider a "safe" peak value?

@muse 08 August 2004 11:12 am


Just a example of what i consider to be safe:
(not that perfect. all tracks was under 0.20. before encoding)

  Gain | Peak | Scale | New Peak | Track


  +0.00 dB | 13721 | 1.00 | 13721 | Track 01.wav

  +0.45 dB | 12267 | 1.05 | 12919 | Track 02.wav

  -0.60 dB | 13681 | 0.93 | 12767 | Track 03.wav

  -0.57 dB | 12247 | 0.94 | 11469 | Track 04.wav

  -0.12 dB | 12269 | 0.99 | 12100 | Track 05.wav

  -0.33 dB | 13525 | 0.96 | 13020 | Track 06.wav

  -0.06 dB | 11400 | 0.99 | 11321 | Track 07.wav

  -0.60 dB | 12924 | 0.93 | 12061 | Track 08.wav

  +0.04 dB | 13914 | 1.00 | 13978 | Track 09.wav

  +0.34 dB | 12977 | 1.04 | 13495 | Track 10.wav

  -0.07 dB | 13000 | 0.99 | 12895 | Track 11.wav

  +2.72 dB | 13034 | 1.37 | 17826 | Track 12.wav

  +4.29 dB | 13914 | 1.64 | 22800 | Track 13.wav

 No Album Gain adjustment required, exiting.

This is after gained wav, encoded mpc q7 --ms 0, then decoded. (1.15r)
(NiB. A tribute to Black Sabbath.1994)
(ps. i do see that track 12/13. are up for another turn, +4.29 is to high
value.. these must be "problem" samples, since the encoding/decoding prosess have lowered the volume.
I do not only do Gaining for the audible clipping part,
but i also think about the drive and speakers.
As am sure everyone is.


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