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gogo 02 May 2006 07:17 pm

broken frames

I got a little problem with my .mpc files. some of my files have broken frames at the end. mpcscan lists these files as broken and my audioplayer foobar2000 prompts an decoder error message at the end of playback. strange thing is, that all those files play and sound fine since the broken frames are in the very end of the .mpc-file. mpcscan says the broken frames are within a range of the last 3 frames; in most cases the very last frame is broken.


'Crush My Calm\Lies Make Life Easier\Crush My Calm - 04 - Anxiety.mpc': broken after frame 5042/5043 (02:11)
'Death By Stereo\Into The Valey Of Death\Death By Stereo - 07 - Unstoppable.mpc': broken after frame 8890/8893 (03:52)
'Elliott Smith\Figure 8\Elliott Smith - 03 - Junk Bond Trader.mpc': broken after frame 8793/8794 (03:49)
since the songs do not sound like cut off at the end, I don't think the problem is that bad. but foobar's error message after playback is a little bit annoying...
is it possible to remove the last frame(s) from the .mpc-files? I think the corrupted last frames contain silence only, so removing might be a solution... but maybe you people know a better workaround or fix for the problem.

here's some further info:
- I'm not sure what caused the broken frames.. I guess an incorrect backup or a damaged RAM-module.. :(
- the files were encoded with different encoders (1.14 beta, 1.15 alpha and current 1.15v). the broken frames occure in files encoded with all those encoders, so the problem should not be encoder related.
- decoder should not be the problem either: I run tests with 1.95z7 and 1.95e


btw: mpc rules. best audio codec I've ever seen/heard :D

Shy 03 May 2006 08:36 pm

Hi gogo.
As with any file type, it's not possible to unbreak broken files. There is no tool for cutting MPCs (though it could be made, someone would have to write one). The only possible solution at this time (and the best either way) would be to reencode those tracks.

You indeed better check your computer components such as hard drives, RAM, CPU if it's overclocked, and if you have a home network and transfer files between computers, anything related to that. I've read about many cases where people's audio or video files got corrupted in interesting ways due to either factor.

gogo 04 May 2006 05:18 pm

thank you for your reply Shy.

Since there is no tool to fix/cut the files I'll simply reencode all broken files.

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