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BigBertrand 17 July 2011 07:00 pm

Problem with a Musepack file

foobar2000 gives me an error when playing a file I encoded with Musepack. I've encoded a lot of files before and it is the first time I get an error.

You can find the original WAV and my encoded file here:
[edit by Shy: link removed, sorry, it's a full track from a CD so I can't leave it here, but I forwarded it]
(beware, this archive is 28 MB)

If it might help, my system is: Windows XP, Athlon 64 CPU (up to SSE3)

I hope you will succeed in solving this problem


Antonski 17 July 2011 11:14 pm

Tried different q presets, added RG, nothing helped.
Then added some tag - problem disappeared. You can use it as a temporal workaround.
BTW, MusicBee does not have problems with that file. Or maybe just don't raise a warning.

Shy 18 July 2011 07:02 am

Will check with foobar2000 dev. It will be fixed. Thanks for the report.

Shy 29 July 2011 07:41 pm

Fixed in v1.1.8 beta 3.

Also, the latest Musepack source code (r475) fixes wrong returl value checks which caused the error discussed here (mpcdec was also affected, so we'll release an updated version later). It also has some error handling fixes, making it secure/not prone to crashes on corrupted files (unrelated to this case).

BigBertrand 29 July 2011 08:04 pm

Many, many thanks!

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