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ikaro 22 February 2005 03:29 pm

rerun with --scale 0.95007 ?
I've found some rarities encoded in mpc, that I,d like to make into a cd.
So Ive gotten the decoder and starter decoding the files into wav for later processing, however im faced with this message on most of the files:


  232.7 kbps, 4:55.44, SV 7.0, Profile 'Insane' (Release 1.1)

  4:55.42 (runtime: 1.48 s speed: 199.61x)

  20 Overdrives, maximum level 34488, rerun with --scale 0.95007

I can run that manually, but it would take me huge amounts of time and ressources to get all the files I want decoded done.

Anyone have some pratical tips to how I can overcome this issue, and If related, should I just ignore these messages ? will it have great effect on the final file to do so ?

ps: Gnu/Linux / musepack-tools 1.15t


Seed 22 February 2005 04:12 pm

If you refer to the "20 Overdrives" part, you don't have to decode differently. Whoever encoded the file should have used --xlevel (in 1.15t it's used by default), but if you don't have the original uncompressed files, your only option is to decode to .wav normally, using the latest decoder.

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