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Sergik 14 July 2005 06:35 am

File named in Russian isn`t encode.
Hi, Iam from Russia.
I have some trouble to encode files named in cyrillic.
Folder have the same problem.
The encoder said "Unable to read or decode 'Path_to_file/name_file_in_abrakadabra.wav" :))
I renamed my files and encode was done!
I`d be overwhelmingly grateful to you gays if you fix this problem!

Thank you! Bay!

Shy 16 July 2005 06:46 pm

As far as we know, Russian doesn't work properly in Windows command line, so unfortunately we can't do much about it.
You could try to use a separate application to tag your files, like one of those under Frontends & Taggers on our overview page.

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