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Hellygator 23 May 2005 09:16 pm

Will Musepack support 96kHz?
Hi there! I'm a big Fan of Musepack and i use it for quite some time to store my Music. The only Problem i have is my Soundcard, a Creative Audigy 2 ZS which gives me really audible distortions on playback of any 44.1 kHz Sample/Music. For the Moment i use an output plugin for Winamp to upsample to 96kHz, which is the DSP Frequency or something. I don't really know or care, but it makes the distortions go away. BUT: It takes LOTS of CPU-Power. So Finally: If Musepack supported 96kHz i could work this around. Will Musepack implement 96kHz support in the (hopefully not too far) future?

Shy 24 May 2005 02:44 am

It will most likely not. Support for 96khz is not a high priority. The reason: Even 44.1khz is a range well above what people can hear, and Musepack supports up to 48khz.
96khz is mainly for audio production, not playback. Whoever decides to make it a "standard" for playback makes a suboptimal, useless choise. Professionals require the ability to be able to downsample audio while keeping it high quality, that's why some products support 192khz and even much higher. No lossy audio codec is a proper format for storing raw, editing suitable audio. Lossy formats are meant for playback of end products and live content.

As for your resampling problem with the Audigy 2 ZS card, it sounds weird that its resampling would distort audio so noticeably. Perhaps something in the software/driver configuration causes it. A good place to find any possible information about it or ask for help is the audio hardware forum on Hydrogenaudio.

And as for a high quality fast resampler, I don't know any for Winamp, but for foobar2000 there is PPHS. You could inquire this on Hydrogenaudio as well.

necropimp 06 June 2005 04:57 pm

here's the easiest solution... DON'T resample to 96KHz... with creative soundcards it's best to resample to 48KHz since otherwise the soundcard would resample it and the resampling done by the card results in worse sound quality than a good software resampler

Lost Angel 30 September 2005 01:05 am

would the encoder than have an option (or will automatically do so) to downsample a wav to 48khz instead of giving an error message? Or this is also not a priority?

xmixahlx 30 September 2005 07:08 am

right now, the musepack format is in sort of a dead development stage - no one is working on the psymodel/quality functions, and only bugs are being fixed.

there are many "ideas" and "plans" to further the format into more usable libraries and extend features, but no one has a definitive timeframe.

the short answer is no. it isn't a priority


Kamen 30 September 2005 02:11 pm

I also think 96kHz sampling isn't needed. Refer to the Nyquist's theorem. :P 96kHz and more is for studio usage, as it was mentioned, in order to allow many lossless manipulations over the material. That's not the purpose of Musepack / MPEGplus, I think... Its craft is in the emulating the psychoacoustic model of our hearing to achieve the same perceptual quality as the final original record... in lower size. :) And it even supports 48kHz sampling frequency (which is used by DAT).

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