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Plamen234 29 October 2005 03:06 pm

Problem: with missing MACdll.dll file
I got the problem with the missing MACdll.dll file when I try to encode a .wav with quality above 10.0

the option
--quality 20.0

returns the message
"Can't open MACdll.dll, quality set to 10.0"

mppenc version 1.15v

What did I do about this? with NO success finally
1. I searched the forum - and I found nothing to solve the problem
2. I found 3 versions of this file 3.990, 3.99t2 and a file macdec.dll wich says that macdec.dll is the new version of macdll.dll
- I tried each of them by putting the file in the same dir with mppenc
- I tried to register the dll with regsvr32
- I tried these aactions with macdec.dll renamed as macdll.dll

Please, can anyone help me solve this problem?
Thank you in advance.

Shy 29 October 2005 03:21 pm

The solution is to use Monkey's Audio, and never use quality 10 and above with Musepack :). When you use a quality over 10, it just uses a Monkey's Audio dll to encode as lossless instead. (This outdated feature may be removed in the future)
You should never use such quality settings regularly, they're only there for completeness and testing. Anything below quality 5 and above quality 7 is not optimal.

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