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plasty 08 February 2006 03:55 am

mpc to ipod?
i am aware of the loss in audio quality by converting MPC to MP3, what would be the best way to get MPC files onto an iPod?

xmixahlx 08 February 2006 04:07 am

well... you have a few choices:

1. ipodlinux (pretty stable)
2. rockbox on the ipod (not stable yet)
3. mpc to mp3 (works ok, actually)
4. mpc to aac/mp4 (haven't tried)

i've tested converting from mpc to mp3 a bunch and it is fine going from a q5+ musepack file to a low quality mp3 file (i.e. no perceived difference of source)

but if you are talking high quality mp3 you should re-encode.

try for yourself and see. shoot for V4-V6 mp3 output.


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