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Ptomaine 09 August 2006 06:34 pm

Need Someone's Help With MPC (SV8?) Decoding.
Hi there!

It seems that the source code of the libmpcdec library is lacking the SV8 support. When trying to decode files encoded by the latest version of mpcenc the libmpcdec library fails to decode them (different versions detected (71 vs. 77)). Well, does anyone know where to find suitable MPC SV8 decoder source codes?

xmixahlx 10 August 2006 05:50 pm

...the last "SV8" alpha code is definitely not meant for anything other than testing... (not to mention being abandoned now...)

libmpcdec can decode <= SV7 1.15, all general releases of musepack+mpegplus

there is an experimental decoder. it is 1.95z67. you should have this decoder if you have the encoder...


Shy 10 August 2006 06:03 pm

The SV8 bitstream is not finalized and support for it will not be added to the library until then.
The encoder is experimental and its quality is not finalized either. Do not use it for anything other than testing or development.

Note: "Not finalized" means that files created with the following experimental version will not be playable in the future. This version is for testing only.

source and binaries

Ptomaine 10 August 2006 06:13 pm

Thanks a lot
Mike, thank you a lot for your quick response.

It seems that the decoder example in the library is somewhat tricky.

Have a question, is there any way to request a number of bytes to decode by my application instead of supplying the statically allocated buffer of the certain size that's required by the decoder?

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