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Bob 22 December 2005 11:22 pm

determining bit rate during playback
I'd like to update the displayed bitrate while playing. I get m_info.average_bitrate fine but m_info.bitrate is 0. How do I get the current bitrate?

DEATH 23 December 2005 04:04 pm

Use last parameter of mpc_decoder_decode (vbr_update_bits) to retrieve number of bits read per frame, which can be used for VBR display. It works as an accumulating counter (adds number of bits read to existing value of the variable).

Bob 23 December 2005 06:50 pm

So after a decode vbr_update_bits is the AVERAGE number of bits read for the number of samples decoded by mpc_decoder_decode? I'm getting a changing value in there (resetting vbr_update_bits before each call) however I have to divide it by about 12 to get a reasonable kbps for the stream and I'm wondering how I'm getting to 12 (if that makes any sense).

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