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Shiver 01 April 2006 04:43 pm

Musepack on Symbian?
Is there any implementation of Musepack on S60/S80 platforms? I can listen to Ogg Vorbis (along with MP3 and AAC) with OggPlay but I haven't found anything that could play MPC. I prefer using it and I have all my ripped albums encoded with it.

Shy 02 April 2006 08:25 am

The OggPlay developers could add Musepack support, no one is stopping them :). We couldn't find any email address to contact. There is a SourceForge forum, someone could post about it there.

Indeed today Symbian is the one very widely used platform on which Musepack playback isn't available. We have Windows, Linux/UNIX/BSD, Mac OS X, Palm OS, Windows CE (Mobile), iRiver H1x0/H3x0, iPod 4G/5G/Nano, Xbox and more, it's time for Symbian support :) (refer to our Program Overview).

Shiver 28 August 2006 06:32 pm

TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) is being ported to Symbian and it supports MPC. I just tried some beta version I found and it worked. :) But it's still in development and the user interface isn't finished.

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