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mll 02 October 2005 06:13 pm

Replaygain 0.84 not working any more, foobar2k, winamp...
Hello there,

Maybe I'm the last one on earth who uses ReplayGain.exe 0.84, but if not, does anyone else experience the following error from replaygain.exe: Can't decode 'anyfile.mpc' ? Some incompatibility with mppenc 1.15v maybe ?

Another related question: in the meantime, I intended to use Foobar2000's integrated replaygain writer, but such files read by Winamp show 0db values. How come ?

Thanks for any hint,


Shy 02 October 2005 07:26 pm

DEATH mentioned to me that I should include a note on the download page that you need mppdec.exe to use replaygain.exe, but I forgot, and indeed now I'm paying :). Note will be added in a few minutes.
About Winamp, we'll have to check that out.

mll 03 October 2005 05:20 am

Oh well :blush: How come I never noticed that before ? Thanks for the input.

gracefool 20 October 2005 07:33 am

Any help with using ReplayGain with Winamp?

jang0 21 October 2006 12:27 pm

let me quote: "Musepack will need to update their plugin."

Perhaps they have made an API which allows plugin developers to pass the replaygain values to winamp's global replaygain control.
Because right now, WA treats MPCs as files without RG information, no matter if this is true or not. (Try this: activate RG in the mpc plugin AND in winamp globally. in_mpc will apply the correct RG adjustments, but Winamp will still apply its "Adjustment for files without replaygain" => e.g. if the file's track gain is -7.0dB and you'v set -5.0dB in WA for non-RG files, it will be played at -12.0dB which is pretty bad)

It would be very nice, if this could be fixed to work together. (I'm only talking about playback in WA, don't know what's the matter with its internal RG scanner)


Shy 21 October 2006 03:34 pm

There is no intention by any Musepack developer to update the existing plugin, which is old and not even libmpcdec based.

You can feel free to quote me: Instead of forever ignoring the first format implementing proper, format built-in ReplayGain and ApeV2 (which was developed especially for it) support, after all these years Winamp should do a little work of their own and write their own libmpcdec based plugin, like the developers of 30+ other players who already have.

jang0 23 October 2006 01:16 pm

First of all, I'm not a Winamp developer or "fanboy" or sth. I just use it, because it's the only player that can do (almost) anything I want, out of the box. Yes, I tried foobar.

I didn't know that the current plugin isn't developed anymore, because there were some bugfix releases.

I will post your statement and a kind request by myself to the WA developers, perhaps they'll show some understanding...

Lefungus 25 October 2006 05:19 pm

There is a ticket about that
It's a relatively easy task for any dev wanting to get involved as the plugin would just be some code glue between winamp sdk and libmpcdec.

jang0 28 October 2006 10:44 am

unfortunately, I don't have any programming knowledge. but it would becertainly cool to see this coming some day.

btw, the winamp devs don't want to make a native mpc plugin (guess you already knew this before /:)

see here:

Shy 28 October 2006 02:57 pm

jang0: Winamp's developers like to make any possible excuse not to support something, except if it's very easy, like supporting unbased anti Musepack troll propaganda. Remember the senseless trouble they were giving people who merely requested MP4 support?

Don't worry, Winamp's developers most probably don't know how to use SVN, and neither do the other llamas. Feel free to look at our Trac/SVN and see just how dead it is.

Refer to Lefungus's post, and refer to the latest SV7.2 code which enables very fast, proper seeking. Expect a final release in several days.

Contrary to what they try to tell you, Musepack doesn't "need" Winamp, and neither do all the developers who either left, or got fired by AOL. That's just the typical Winamp reaction nowadays, they think people actually depend on them.

I realize you only want to further Musepack support, jang0, I point no complaint at you, and not at Winamp either, they can't help it.
Thread closed, further Winamp discussion belongs on Winamp's forums.

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