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Muse 07 August 2004 08:25 am

Great Forum! Keep on!
Hi to all,

I have just joint this forum and I'm happy, that there is a forum just for Musepack! I'm a "normal" user, not an expert. Till now, I have encoded (quality 6- level) about 1000 CD's (using EAC). I play and organize my music with foobar2000 and I enjoy the high quality of mpc. Portability is not important to me. I have a ESI Waveterminal 192X soundcard, conected via digital electric cable to my music-system, which is much closer to high-end than to hi-fi.
I really hope, that the development of Musepack continues and if I can do something (despite my poor knowledge) I would be happy, to contribute.

Thanks a lot and all the best for the future of Musepack!!!


Shy 07 August 2004 12:53 pm

I'm glad you enjoy Musepack and the forum. Have a nice stay.

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