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DAvenger 15 September 2004 08:37 pm

RadLight MPC DirectShow filter
Hello guys,

Not sure if you know about this little DirectShow filter which makes it possible to playback MPC files in any DirectShow based player on Windows (haven't seen this on the homepage and someone at the RadLight forums asked me why)

So here's the link :

If you use the latest RadLight 4 you don't need to download this - it's already included in RL setup package :)

One question ... does it make any sense to compile the filter with the new mpclib? What's new? What should be better? (sorry if these qs are stupid, i am not the dev in our team - fortunately :P)

Thanks and enjoy the stuff :P

mll 18 September 2004 08:08 am

I concur. I have a story about this : I sometimes get to convince people to think about swithcing to MPC :), but they don't wanna drop WMP :(. So I couldn't achieve the conversion... until I discovered your fine filter (on IIRC)

This was just to illustrate that your filter should definitely be part of the Musepack weaponry to take over the world ;), and be listed at

User and proselytizer advice.


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