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ringhelediel 16 July 2005 11:18 pm

downloaded decoder and plugin not functioning @_@
i downloaded the decoder, mppdec 1.95e, unzipped it, but it just wouldnt open. all i saw was a quick, very quick glimpse of sumthin that looked like a command prompt window, and then it ends there.

and then i saw the windows plugin, RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter i saved in somewhere, not under the wmp directory and i tried to playback the file normally as i would any other file, but it wont work. windows kept popping me up with format not recognized. whats wrong? did i save in in the wrong directory??

ive d/lded foobar2000, files are playin fine, but i want to have the mpc file under all my other music files, that is either played on realplayer or wmp. can foobar2000 burn audios on cds and be played back on normal cdplayers?

thanks. :?

p/s: i d/lded the whole Nero. now all i need is the plugin rite? but i went to the URL where you d/l the nero plugin, and found mpc file, but the url to d/l doesnt seem to work. it says Object Not Found! may i please know where else i could d/l teh nero mpc plugin?

sorry for askin too many Qs. its just that they dont seem to work....

Shy 17 July 2005 03:46 am

First of all, you can't make a post dealing with a million topics at once, the topic length limitation won't let you.
Second, read the site as it contains instructions and links. Third, read the content of sites you get to from the links as they contain explanations about their respective content as well. Fourth, read our forum's terms of service.
I'm sorry but this thread can't possibly stay open. Please try to inform yourself before you ask questions and when you have questions, ask them properly.

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