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radscorpion 09 December 2007 10:05 pm

New DirectShow filters for SV8
Hey guys.

I haven't been around for quite some time and now I've found out that there's a new version of MPC. I'm gonna write some new opensourced DShow filters for the new version. I hope to establish a SVN repository by tomorrow so I'll get back then.

My idea of new filters is a bit different than my old RadLight MPC filter. I thought of a combination of Mux/Demux and Encoder/Decoder filters so playback with other containers would be possible. I've noticed that MPC now supports decoding on a frame-by-frame basis so that's cool.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me a bit about MPC framing while I setup my stuff. It would help me a lot.



r2d 11 December 2007 09:57 am

Hi Igor,

You're welcome. I suggest you to use musepack's svn. We can give you access to it.
You can find sv8 packet information here :
and sv7 here :

libmpcdec already demux and next decode frames from sv7 / sv8 streams. But changes will be needed if you want to first output raw compressed data and next decode it, as current implementation calls directly the decoder.

Feel free to join us on irc at (Port 6667) #MPC
I'll be able to give you more information.



radscorpion 11 December 2007 01:55 pm

hey. yepp that would be cool, if I could use your SVN. Gonna go read the specs for a while.

Antonski 20 January 2009 12:08 pm

Hi guys,

I'm too impatient to report that the updated DS plugins works with APEv2 tags and chapters!
So, now we have the first audio codec with working native chapters support (except mp4 which I was not able to make it working).

Cheers Igor and keep the good work!

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