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Hello hugo.

24bit playback is not related to input plugins and in_mpc should work as it always has, since Winamp's plugin API never has any significant changes.

Regarding their ReplayGain scanner, I have no idea about it, and I wouldn't trust it to add data to any file type properly.
They add support for the open ReplayGain system, without even supporting Musepack, the first to implement and officially support ReplayGain in the format itself. MPC files' header has reserved space especially for APEv2 tags and ReplayGain data, and that scanner wouldn't possibly be able to use it, if it even supports adding data to formats that aren't supported internally. It would stuff the data in the wrong place.

Don't use Winamp's ReplayGain scanner to add RG data to MPC files, or to any other format Winamp refuses to support.
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