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Thevion: and fortunately people don't usually come and post great comments like yours on our forum.

Muse: if you don't use other applications for Musepack playback, which haven't yet been updated, then sure, it is advisable.

Mentioned in mpc2sv8's help, it can convert from a specified input file to an output file you name, or a group of input files to an output directory you name. If for example you want to convert all mpc files in a folder to an "SV8" subfolder in it: mpc2sv8 "D:\Music\Albums\Artist-2009-Album Title\*.mpc" "D:\Music\Albums\Artist-2009-Album Title\SV8"
Note that the "SV8" subfolder should already exist there for it to work, as mpc2sv8 doesn't create folders.

Edited: replaced simple .bat with grimmel's smarter one.
Here is a batch file which allows quick and simple conversion. Instructions included.
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