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Thumbs up Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Audition 3 for free

Link here (or here)

This includes extremely powerful programs like Photoshop CS2 which despite being "outdated" by now is still excellent and very useful.

It would take many long paragraphs to describe just how big of a deal this is. I'll just comment on one program:

Audition 3 (Windows only) is one of the best audio editors on the market, and it's free now. I've worked with all major (and some minor) audio editors for 18 years and this is by far my favorite editor. Not the latest Sound Forge, Wavelab, or even Audition.

Adobe's rewrite of many parts of Audition (formerly Cool Edit) after Audition 3, resulted in a pretty horrible outcome. Audition 3 is actually much better than the latest Audition CS6 in many ways, even if the CS6 version has some fancy new features (but lacks some important ones in Audition 3 or has lousy versions of them), as an audio editor it seriously fails compared to Audition 3.

In other words, Windows users now finally have access to a top quality audio editor with years of very serious development behind it, with great quality processing and an unmatched workflow, for free.
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