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I haven't been able to test yet, but are tags handled by xine-lib ? Does it support Apev2 tags and does it report replaygain to the player ?
Xine is foremost a vide player, and while I am not aware of Musepack being used as audio codec in videos, I wouldn't use a video player for playing back my audio files, either. I have been looking forward to being able to use the xine engine in KDE's amaroK audio player, because I didn't want to having to install in addition to the xine libraries GStreamer with all its own stuff. With amaroK and taglib 1.3, the tagging of mpc files works well enough for my needs.

As to reporting replaygain to the player, I haven't done tests on that.

Xine's support for Musepack is still in the cvs, no official release supports it at that moment. But it needs testing to make sure playing back Musepack files works well enough to use xine as a backend library for audio players that support this.
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