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Default Comparing rankings of different listening tests

See the topic at mpc general forum, about: "is mpc better than mp3 ?"

kwanbis made a combined graph by simply putting 2 graphs side-by-side, one graph with mpc (1.14 iirc, maybe even older mpc version) tested in an older 128k multiformat test (mpc ranked there on par with vorbis ca. 4.5 iirc), against the latest 128k multiformat test, which didn't include new version of mpc 1.15v.
Vorbis got 4.7 this time, so the ha crowd starts arguing, ogg would be better than mpc.

I have argued, that it is impossible to make such conclusions by putting those test graphs simply side by side.
(not to mention, that the old graph uses an older mpc version than we have today).

What do say to the validity of using transparency = 5.0 as anchor to compare absolute rankings of different multiformat tests (without including one comparable anchor) ?
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