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We are well aware of anti Musepack zealotry by people with this or that special interest. Regardless of what Roberto wrote in that thread, in other threads he himself emphasized the codecs are tied. However, he never misses a chance to post "controversial" things against Musepack. In nearly every Musepack thread, the format he allegedly has so little interest in, you'd see interesting comments from him, and others (including developers of other formats or "strong supporters", "surprisingly").

We created this forum long ago to be able to avoid trolling and useless, endless fights as well as provide proper support for our users and people interested in development. No one who regularly trolls in forums such as Hydrogenaudio's dares to come here and post similar misleading, ridiculous stuff. I could say there have been some attempts to turn this forum into another battle ground, which of course had failed miserably.

Our disinterest in participating in discussions filled with trolls has proven to be fruitful and not the least harmful. Musepack use and support hasn't been declining, but only rising. People that have so "articulately" been arguing that Musepack is bad because of this and that, can today do flips and flops when they hear things like you can play MPC files on iRiver, iPod, and various platforms.

This is indeed an opportunity to comment on the decision to not include Musepack in that last 128kbps test. No one has given me or anyone any sensible explanation as to why not to include Musepack, because there isn't any. You can form your own conclusions on this matter. Let me remind again that Musepack has never come less than 1st in any of those tests. Yet it was omitted. The only sensible explanation is this: People want to get rid of the competition. Musepack will always come first, because it is as good and better than the others. It is a sad example of how an "open community" accepts practices that today are sometimes not even used by closed, industry giants.

We don't participate in hopeless fights against masses of people with special interests. We don't try to drive people away from using other formats, as we don't do trolling, and we don't bother commenting in ridiculous threads filled with trolls, because it is hopeless. Anyone who has enough sensibility to check matters, will reach our site, our forum, will download our software and decide for themselves, like the hundreds of thousands who have already.
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