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vinnie97, instead of responding to your post as to a normal post, I will present some points free of codec specific zealotry:

1. Since you're very fond of non transparent, low quality low bitrate audio, this is probably not the place for you, nor is Musepack.

2. The 128kbps tests are composed of easy to encode samples that don't sound horribly bad at 128kbps.

3. You think the "higher bitrate transparency of which I speak" is unnecessary? Fine. And "impractical"? Yes, the "extra" ~50 kbps you get with --standard is simply too much for today's limited hardware.

4. "Most likely not detectable by most listeners"? Once you do an extensive research on that, feel free to make that claim. So far, all tests, including MPEG's ridiculous 128kbps tests, show that it's an insufficient bitrate.

5. High quality audio hardware is nice, but if you think "consumer quality" hardware is so poor that it camouflages audio codec artifacts so well, you should recheck your audiophile theories since they are monster cable wrong.

6. "Spectacular" hearing is not needed to spot artifacts at "high" (over 128kbps) bitrates. If you choose to rely on people you consider idols such as guruboolez instead of your own ears, have fun, but don't come claiming nonsense based on tests which no one even cares to verify.

7. "I guess I shouldn't expect superiority at this bitrate at this juncture since MPC is intended for greater bitrates" Interesting that you say that, because every single test shows that you should. "Now that other contenders are measuring up to (and in some cases surpassing) MPC at ~180 kbps" Allow me to correct you - yes, codecs have been showing some improvement (as well as backsliding in some cases with LAME), and no, not a single one surpasses Musepack, which has far less problem cases than any other codec, and as you can see in any public test, is as good or better than the others.

If you'd like to continue pimping other audio codecs, the opinion that transparency is unneeded, or idols which you blindly rely on, feel free to continue doing that, somewhere else.

This thread has covered its subjects and my extensive forum experience tells me a worsening of posting quality is assured, therefore, it's now closed.
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