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I think complaining about improvements to an encoder is one of the most ridiculous things ever. You know, the oft-used cliche about Rome not being built in a day and all. MPC has been around since 1997 while Vorbis first hit in 2000, thereby giving MPC a 3-year headstart in the tuning and tweaking deparment so let's be fair with our comparisons here...

Opinions here are fine only if they're pro-MPC. You should be fine.

Veer from that mode of thinking, however, and consider your voice silenced. Even engaging a discussion about the bitrate where perceptual transparency is reached by the majority (making a suggestion that it might be below 200 now) will get your account disabled and the only valid listening tests are the ones that show MPC's superiority. Reference another and you will be labeled as an idol-worshipper, no matter how well detailed the testing methodology is laid out. Those results are simply brushed off as an anomaly and are not to be taken seriously.

Open discussion is not allowed in this forum and it's really no wonder why it's dead. The TOS ought to be amended to make this clear so others won't waste their time upping the thread count here.

Finally, I was using MPC for encoding a large portion of my collection but witnessed the trend over the last year. I wasn't going to cling on to my favorite format when evidence of its superiority to everything else was waning. Not to mention, the seeking problem inherent in the format has always been a bane to its existence.

MPC is a great format for high fidelity but it no longer towers above the others from great heights and there is no harm done in pointing out this fact contrary to how Shy might follow up my post, then subsequently lock the thread and finally disable my account. I want the public eye to see just how this forum operates and expose where the true idolatry lies.
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