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First, let's just say I also disagree about how things are handled here. Closing topics after topics is, in my opinion, not the proper solution.

However, there is one annoying trend, well reflected in your post.

"Reference another and you will be labeled as an idol-worshipper, no matter how well detailed the testing methodology is laid out"

I assume you're talking about all those HA tests made by a single person. Whether those tests are valid or not is irrelevant, so let's assume they are. Just keep in mind those tests aren't made by YOU.

"I wasn't going to cling on to my favorite format when evidence of its superiority to everything else was waning."

Hype around mpc has never been so low. No new releases, no new code, no new interesting tests. No community, no nothing. Evidence is definitely here, using mpc is not *cool* anymore.
It has never been about transparency. You're not doing those tests yourself but reading evidence on the net, so by all means, switch to something else.
For unsecure people, I recommend using lossless, you won't get that nasty stomach feeling anymore about that codec your never choosed yourself. And if ever that codec's hype drop dangerously, you can switch ! You can't beat that.
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