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forlorn, first of all, no one here disabled your account or "silenced" you. If you feel you're facing some sort of dictatorship (I know some other forums you frequent are much more "liberal"), you're welcomed to leave, as I don't appreciate your conspiracy theories the least. I assume you got locked out by phpBB after submitting a wrong password 5 times.
This forum, unlike other forums, is not your playground, personal opinion blog or nerve treatment course, it's a support forum. The fact that your post still stands shows that this is no forum like Doom9's or some others. We don't close topics because we try to silence MPC haters, we do when they clearly violate the TOS or when the topic has fulfilled its purpose, and we don't delete posts.

As for your "head start" claim, Musepack has been in development since 1997, and Vorbis has been in development since 1994. Both were released at around the same time, 1999-2000.

As Lefungus said, the issue was with your sweeping commentary based on nothing but one guy's test and not your own test or verification of that test, or anyone else's. I don't say anyone worships idols for no reason. You decide what is considering a person the almighty golden eared guru whose words are nothing but facts without verifying a thing and then making sweeping claims.

Of course open discussion is allowed here, as long as it's not dragged to useless topics and a vast amount of controversial "opinions" that have nothing to do with the forum's topic, an audio format called Musepack, not other formats like Vorbis (which you've focused on completely in the first half of your other post).

"Evidence" that the format's superiority is waning? Yet again, you have nothing to base your claims on except non existent "evidence."

If you have a problem with our TOS which you think should be amended, again, you don't have to post here, but as long as you do, you'll have to follow those terms.

Finally, let me remind yet again that we don't even care if you choose to use any other format regularly. We don't make it our goal to drive people away from using other formats. We know what's good for us and offer it to anyone interested, and don't gain popularity by trolling, unlike people who make it their goal to tarnish the names of their competitors. We greatly appreciate talented people such as Monty, the main Vorbis developer, who we have a good relationship with. Simply put. if you like trolling, you won't find it here, you're free to use anything you want, and you're not free to troll.
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