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To leave a format for another because of active developement and bugfixes is ridicuclous. Its not hard to find out if a bug was stuffing your encodings - and when was the last time that the major formats had such a defective release that people had to re encode ?

Secondly, I keep hearing that MPC is a great codec at quality 7 and that is enough reason to use despite its now apparent shortcomings. Today mp3 / aac / ogg and mpc are strong at 250k.

I used MPC for a while because at the time (2002-2003) it offered some neat advantages over the competition:

- gapless playback
- Transparency on many signals at 170k
- Fast encoding
- replaygain support

At the time, I couldn't get mp3 to play gapless which is a huge issue, no replaygain, slow LAME 3.90 vbr encoder, fatter files on loud music.
Vorbis around 1.0 had HF noise issues and was still much slower to encode and AAC was slow, not gapless and it was hard to find a free decent encoder.

I thought that the seeking issue issue would eventualy be solved and maybe MPC would get gapless HW support like today's rockbox. Maybe if it was supported like mp3 I would have stayed with it forever.

Now at 2006, things are different. Its not like MPC quality has declined but I cannot see too many reasons anymore to use it like I did then. Now all the competition have tuned VBR modes that are performing well at 180k, LAME and vorbis encoders have had significant speed increase without affecting quality - LAME vbr-new speed is competitive with MPC, while vorbis LANCER builds blows them both away. Gapless playback isn't such a big issue on the PC since foobar2000 handles this fine for some time now. Ditto with replaygain. MPC is still behind the rest in hardware support (although its improving). MPC still doesn't seek (this might also change). MPC developement is dormant. MPC is useless at bitrates <100k, while vorbis and aac are stronger in these lowish bitrates and are good at higher bitrates. A hybrid format like Wavpack and Dualstream be both a lossy and lossless encoder, they encode quite fast, seek well and quality is decent at 300k which isn't tragic considering so many believe MPC needs 250k.

I am not trashing MPC, but to me the real advantage was this fast gapless encoder that needed 170k for good quality. It still is a good encoder at 170k, but the other formats are now all this and more.

One can argue against me, but its not going to make things any better for this format.
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