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* mpc is great at quality >4
* seeking has been worked on and partially solved
* lancer is not worth using and is inferior to the reference and aotuv
* mpc isn't dormant, but no one is actively working on the psymodel
* the hybrid idea is stupid (NOTE: yet wavpack is fantastic)
* yes, formats are catching up to where musepack was 4 years ago...

none of those scream *jump ship* people will use what fits their personal criteria.

my criteria is:
* OSS or at least linux support
* >100 GB of lossy - musepack (and ~5GB of various formats)
* <50 GB of lossless - FLAC/SHN bootlegs
* AUDIO CD copies and Backups of all of my music
* Don't have a DAP

for me i've used musepack for lossy and flac/wavpack for lossless.
both are no-brainers for me and i haven't had a situation where i needed something different, so i am still chugging along.

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