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1. your "graphs" are undetailed, to say the least.

2. it can't be simply explained in one sentence or even many. You should learn how various forms of audio processing, and specifically, audio coding formats work if you want to understand exactly what you can see in graphs.

3. In short, with a sine wave sweep, more than with any other audio content, you will see lots of interesting "artifacts" when you apply any form of audio processing. Be it dividing the audio into bands (as Musepack does, among many other things), applying simple filtering, various forms of FFT processing, resampling, etc. etc.
What you see in a graph (and especially one of a processed pure sine wave), doesn't necessarily reflect what you hear.

Suggestion: try to generate a sawtooth tone or sweep, then look closely and ask yourself how come while what you're hearing is a sawtooth wave, the actual graphical representation of it looks more like a swirly ramp.
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