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The encoded file has no clipping. Clipping can occur in the decoding/output process. If you can output at 24-bit, and not use the default DirectShow output (which passes through the Windows kmixer), but kernel streaming or ASIO output instead, then once you lower the output in fb2k by ~2db, you won't hear any noise/crackle.

Note that ReplayGain calculation is pretty useless with this extreme sample. The very high energy high frequency content is not taken into account properly in the calculation. Also, note that this sample may be good for emphasizing limitations of decoders, encoders or analyzers, but definitely doesn't reflect real world situations.

As for the encoder, we hardly touched it because it's very easy to ruin everything by changing a single minor parameter. It's pointless to mess around with the psymodel when you don't have a very in-depth knowledge of it. Only a handful of people could even begin to understand it, and those people are busy nowadays with other, bigger projects that take all of their time.

The encoder is extremely optimized as it is, as can easily be noticed, but there is always room for improvement and we've already thought of some things that could be optimized, but before we do anything, we'll have to cooperate with someone at the same high technical level as Frank Klemm.
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