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Hi Shy.

I knew i could count on You replaying
"please don't be shy and share..." - this was intentional

You speak of things that's impossible to find out in any other way than directly talking to the people from that time, thanks.
Reading about fight to save Musepack reminds me about eMule, but unfortunately that fight was lost and it happened because of people's ignorance.
This is what i thought, that Andree and Frank had to be a lot more than just an audio enthusiasts to be able to do this work.
Since SV8 official release, MPC is my religion when it comes to making my music library
It was harder in the beginning with portability; but now with android and f2k mobile.
And maybe one day being able to stream lossless signals from f2k mobile to other devices - it's getting more beautiful each year
From where i sit it's great that there is a final version of Musepack, maybe it's dumb of me but i would prefer if it stayed like that
In the past i hoped for MPC to use it as a quality multi channel track in concert videos with mkv but for that now we have apple's aac with tvbr.
And i think it would be a waste of time to implement it, probably i would only use it
I hope this topic stays open for anyone who like to share a bit of history about Musepack, thank You Shy for Your great response, it's nice to talk to You again.
If Musepack ever needs anything, i know that I'm here to help.

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