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Default --nmt --tmn --pns switches

Please give more information about using of --nmt --tmn --pns x switches.

'--longhelp' shows:

--nmt x set NMT value to x dB (dflt: 6.5)
--tmn x set TMN value to x dB (dflt: 18.0)
--pns x set PNS value to x dB (dflt: 0.0)

And what is the full able range of 'x dB' values (minimum and maximum) for these swithes?

One person recommended me in case of using '--quality 10' switch to add '--nmt 18 --tmn 28' for more better quality, and it this the best possible quality, or any other values will give more better quality? And what about '---pns' switch?

I also found that in '--longhelp' manual swithes '-xlevel' and '--noxlevel' are abscent. Are there any other forgotten switches in '--longhelp' manual? Is there full detailed list of swithes anywhere?
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