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Originally Posted by xmixahlx
someone on irc just had the same situation... maybe that was you, if so just disregard this stuff...

several programs on widows do this (foobar2000, frontah, dbpoweramp) as well as the cli programs themselves.

so... you can pipe mppdec to lame.

mppdec *mpc - | lame --alt-preset standard - somemp3.mp3

for file in *mpc:do mppdec *mpc - | lame --alt-preset standard - "$file".mp3;rename 's/.mpc.mp3/.mp3/' *.mpc.mp3;done

No, that wasn't me..

I have foobar, I downloaded it just to transcode my MPCs to MP3s but I couldn't find out how. Is it easy? If so, how would I do it? If not, how would I do it in the CLI for Windows? I suppose it would be something with stdin and out...
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