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Sorry, but none of the mp3s are corrupted in the slightest.
But every single mpc is.

I was just wondering if the MPC format has any built in algorithms or whatever that might react allergic to being restored from one cluster on disc A to another cluster on disk B. Any sum checking upon play going on?
No need to get into armour over this and defend mpc (I know what the format can do and how good it is). It was merely a question in regard to future safekeeping of my other files.

BTW: the mp3s and mpcs were mixed in the same folders (together with ogg and shn), so this is purely an mpc issue.

I've tested 20 random restored mp3s and not a single one has any defect whatsoever. The same goes for the ogg and shn files. We're talking about 7000 files here of which only the mpcs are unplayable and messed up. I find that strange.

And yes, I know what I'm doing.
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