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Hi, thanks.

I can not imagine what happened to the files (only 3 of 20). I'm used to download music files (MP3s), and only few times some are "corrupted".

I'm not interested about "restoring" files to the best sound ever made, as I got them from internet and I can not control how some users had converted their sound tracks. I'm interested about burning an audio CD with the extra files in some common format (that's MP3 just now... perhaps R2D2-HAL9000 at future ). With that I say, MPC sounds good, like OGG or whatelse... but it's not so famous, used, and them lacks friendship-ness to the unknown users (not everybody is going to uninstall rUindows or go to download plugins XPTO... 8)

By "Extract" I mean, I want text info in a text file.
Ok, I got the foobar2000. Nice player, but do not play the "corrupt" file after some point.

Is ther some player capable do play the corrupt file till the end?It's no problem if I have some click... but I want the music from begining till the last note.

Thanks, yours,
Daniel Calegari -
from Brazil
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