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Originally Posted by xmixahlx
* mpc is great at quality >4
* seeking has been worked on and partially solved
* lancer is not worth using and is inferior to the reference and aotuv
* mpc isn't dormant, but no one is actively working on the psymodel
* the hybrid idea is stupid (NOTE: yet wavpack is fantastic)
* yes, formats are catching up to where musepack was 4 years ago...

- Wow, So how is Lancer so inferior - care to provide creadible evidence ?
- Why is hybrid encoding stupid ? - It saves time and Wavpack has some HW support.

- The formats are not catching up but exceeding mpc. Above 128k quality isn't much of an issue with any of them and AAC / Vorbis are quite capable below 128k. Four years ago there was some aac/vorbis HW support, they were still better than mpc in low bitrates. Four years ago other formats were seeking and transparent at 250 k.

If anything, At least MPC did achieve something in that it forced other format devs to take vbr tuning seriously some years ago.
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