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Hi Scott.

Don't worry, you won't lose anything. The internal clipping in the encoder, scalefactor clipping, occurs in all lossy audio formats (including mp3, aac, vorbis). The difference is that the Musepack encoder actually lets you know while others don't. It will warn you when clipping has occured. Unless you encode extremely loud or unusual material, you won't get such a warning. In any case, if there is clipping, you'll know. It's rarely ever noticeable and usually caused when the audio to be encoded is already very loud (and often distorted) due to bad mastering usually.

The difference in SV8 is that it effectively eliminates the possibility of clipping by raising the dynamic range that can be handled significantly above what SV7 and other formats handle, to over 200db.

In short, you can safely use SV7 and convert the files to SV8 later and they'll have no limitation like any SV8 file.
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